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Shafari - Designer Mauve Peplum Top With Gharara And Dupatta Set

Shafari - Designer Mauve Peplum Top With Gharara And Dupatta Set

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Fabric- Organza, Chinon
Components- Paplum Top, Gharara, Dupatta
Color- Mauve
Wash Care- Dry Clean
Customization- Yes

Step into elegance with this exquisite mauve Chinon garara set from Anuthhi. It features heavy hand-embroidered Bhandej Aplic work, a Paplum top, and a beautifully crafted dupatta.

The garara, crafted in mauve Chinon fabric, drapes gracefully and adds a touch of sophistication to your ensemble. The heavy hand-embroidered Bhandej Aplic work enhances the beauty of the garara, showcasing intricate patterns and detailing that reflect the artistry of our skilled artisans.

The Paplum top complements the garara perfectly, adding a contemporary twist to the traditional ensemble. Its elegant design and meticulous hand embroidery create a harmonious blend of modernity and tradition. The intricate detailing and rich color of the top add depth and visual appeal to your overall look.

To complete the set, the beautifully crafted dupatta adds a layer of grace and adds a pop of color to the ensemble. Its intricate hand embroidery and delicate borders elevate the outfit, creating a stunning focal point that enhances your overall appearance.

This mauve Chinon garara set with heavy hand-embroidered Bhandej Aplic work, Paplum top, and dupatta is perfect for weddings, festive celebrations, or special occasions where you want to make a statement. It showcases the impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail that Anuthhi is renowned for.

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